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Our Team

At Spinelli Nissan, our number-one goal is to help you find the perfect vehicle for your unique needs. By offering you the best customer service in the greater Montreal area, we achieve our objective. Our team is filled with passionate and dynamic people who always strive to go beyond your expectations. We are here to answer all of your questions with a smile in each of our departments, from sales and financing all the way to our after-sales services. We are here to help you with every step of the buying process, for new and pre-owned vehicles. Trust the professionals at Spinelli Nissan with all of your automotive needs. Get to know our team by visiting us today!

Team Administration

Sébastien Bourgeois | Spinelli Nissan

Sébastien Bourgeois

General Manager
Pascale Normandin | Spinelli Nissan

Pascale Normandin

Martha Chapa | Spinelli Nissan

Martha Chapa

Accounting Clerk
Olivia Lalli | Spinelli Nissan

Olivia Lalli

Kathy Komorowska | Spinelli Nissan

Kathy Komorowska

Accouting Clerk
Peter Samarami | Spinelli Nissan

Peter Samarami

Financial Services Representative
Lucinda Luk Tong | Spinelli Nissan

Lucinda Luk Tong

Financial Services Representative
Andre Labateya | Spinelli Nissan

Andre Labateya

Financial Services Representative
Mathieu Riel | Spinelli Nissan

Mathieu Riel

Financial Services Representative

Team New Vehicles Sales

David Lacroix | Spinelli Nissan

David Lacroix

Sales Manager, New Vehicles
Caroline DePetrillo | Spinelli Nissan

Caroline DePetrillo

Delivery Coordinator
Yannick Flynn | Spinelli Nissan

Yannick Flynn

Sales Team Leader, New Vehicles
Michel Richard | Spinelli Nissan

Michel Richard

Sales Representative, New Vehicles
Alexis Beauregard | Spinelli Nissan

Alexis Beauregard

Sales Representative, New Vehicles
Jason Chuard | Spinelli Nissan

Jason Chuard

Sales Representative, New Vehicles
Walter Mina | Spinelli Nissan

Walter Mina

Sales Representative, New Vehicles
Michel Elian | Spinelli Nissan

Michel Elian

Sales Representative, New Vehicles
Frederic-Alexandre Decelles | Spinelli Nissan

Frederic-Alexandre Decelles

Sales Representative, New Vehicles
Patrick Orlando | Spinelli Nissan

Patrick Orlando

Sales Representative, New Vehicles
Braden Mattu | Spinelli Nissan

Braden Mattu

Sales Representative, New Vehicles
Neil Shah | Spinelli Nissan

Neil Shah

Sales Representative, New Vehicles
Natalia Olejnicka | Spinelli Nissan

Natalia Olejnicka

Sales secretary

Team Pre-Owned Vehicles Sales

Elie Berbari | Spinelli Nissan

Elie Berbari

Sales Manager, Pre-Owned Vehicles
Marcelin Descardes | Spinelli Nissan

Marcelin Descardes

Sales Representative, Pre-Owned Vehicles
Farhad Zadi | Spinelli Nissan

Farhad Zadi

Sales Representative, Pre-Owned Vehicles
Ralph Khoury | Spinelli Nissan

Ralph Khoury

Sales Representative, Pre-Owned Vehicles
Francesco Farinaccio | Spinelli Nissan

Francesco Farinaccio

Sales Representative, Pre-Owned Vehicles

Team Parts & Service

Yatish Desai | Spinelli Nissan

Yatish Desai

Service General Manager
Jacques Filkin | Spinelli Nissan

Jacques Filkin

Parts Manager
Joel Forget | Spinelli Nissan

Joel Forget

Parts Clerk
Jessica Gouneh | Spinelli Nissan

Jessica Gouneh

Service Advisor
Nirav Patel | Spinelli Nissan

Nirav Patel

Service Advisor
Naveen Sareen | Spinelli Nissan

Naveen Sareen

Parts clerk
Judelars Jumeras | Spinelli Nissan

Judelars Jumeras

Parts Clerk
Emmanuel Addoquaye | Spinelli Nissan

Emmanuel Addoquaye

Service Advisor
Michael Jaworska | Spinelli Nissan

Michael Jaworska

Luc Leboeuf | Spinelli Nissan

Luc Leboeuf

Esthetic Advisor