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Buying or leasing a Nissan car: How to choose?

Buying or leasing a Nissan car: How to choose?
Leasing or buying a Nissan car or SUV? What are the main benefits of each one of these options? Are there significant disadvantages? Here are some answers.

After seeing these great Nissan vehicles for sale in Montreal near Laval, you do not know if you should buy or lease the Rogue that interests you. Nissan promotions and Nissan financing terms are advantageous in either case. What to do then?

There are many advantages to buying a Nissan vehicle, for sale in Montreal, at your Spinelli Nissan dealer in the West Island:

  • once the vehicle has been paid, it belongs to you;
  • insurance is cheaper than when leasing;
  • your Frontier truck or 370Z Coupé has no mileage limitations.

On the other hand, there may be some disadvantages if you decide to buy rather than lease a Nissan vehicle, for sale in Montreal, in the West Island near Île Perrot:

  • the monthly payments are higher than those of a leasing;
  • the value of the vehicle decreases by 30% to 40% as soon as you enter the dealer's door;
  • annual depreciation of the vehicle is around 10%.

Nissan leasing, near Laval and Montreal, also has a number of advantages:

  • if you lease the vehicle, monthly payments are cheaper than when buying;
  • thanks to the Nissan leasing, near Laval, you can lease a more luxurious vehicle and rent a Murano instead of buying a Qashqai or 2019 Altima instead of buying a used Nissan;
  • if you change your vehicle often, leasing allows you to sign a short-term contract; for instance, you can easily change your Nissan SUV for a Leaf if you want to experience an electric car.

But the Nissan leasing also has some disadvantages:

  • interest rates are higher than when purchased;
  • insurance costs more;
  • there is a charge if you exceed the mileage and damage the vehicle;
  • at the end of the leasing, the vehicle does not belong to you.

The decision to buy or lease depends on your needs and goals. Take the time to evaluate them well and the decision you make will be the right one!

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